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We’ve developed the world’s most powerful search and analytics engine for healthcare data. We push the bounds of innovation by building upon fast evolving open source technology like Hadoop, Hbase, Java, and Linux. Our bioinformatics team is developing models and algorithms that will unlock the mysteries behind diseases, treatments, and outcomes. In short, we live on the leading edge!

Learn about new career opportunities at Explorys and how you can join a team that is advancing innovation and discovery in healthcare and life sciences.


Our Team
Explorys is made up of some of the best and brightest from technology and healthcare. We are a diverse crowd with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. Many employees are just out of college and are already leaders in the organization, while others bring with them years of experience and impressive track records in innovation. 

Explorys is not your average company. Although we share many traits with the world’s most successful organizations, we push the bounds of innovation and leadership. At Explorys, we know that every member of our team can take us in important directions and do great things. We care for our team and provide them with extraordinary opportunities to develop groundbreaking advancements within computing technology and healthcare. 

Ten Time
Our people are filled with great ideas. That’s why we’ve implemented an innovative program called “Ten Time” that encourages associates to apply up to 10 percent of their time to other ideas outside of what we’re already working on. It’s from this process that we get to think “outside the box” and apply what we’ve learned to the community around us.

Work to the Beat

Our environmenBeats by dr. dre headsetst is based upon a highly collaborative and densely populated workspace. This provides a great way to share ideas in a fast and energetic climate. That said, sometimes we just want to tune out once in a while. In addition to providing comfortable lounges and getaway spots throughout our building and campus, we also provide our people with their very own Dr. Dre Beats headphones for those creative moments when they just want to tune out and jam while working.

Gear Matters

Hiring the best people means also providing them with the best gear to do their job. Whether someone is a “Mac”, “PC”, or “Linuxer”, everyone gets gear that is powerful and fast to produce great work. We are a huge believer in portability, so every associate gets a laptop. We also don’t skimp on our server infrastructure; we provide “play grids” with huge computing power to try out new ideas.

Keep Advancing
While most companies conduct annual reviews once per year, we take it to another level: every month. Because we are so dedicated to career and personal development, every associate meets monthly with their coaches or mentors to keep goals on track and feedback channels open. No other company has moved as fast as we have in this sector and that’s because our team moves with us. They are what makes us great!

We Encourage Wellness
We care about the overall health and wellness of our valuable team.  We encourage our employees to invest in their health and wellness by partially reimbursing them for fitness memberships and equipment purchased.  We also sponsor occasional yoga classes hosted right here in our office.  Explorys knows that a healthy body and mind makes for happier and more productive individuals.


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