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Explorys provides a set of SaaS-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications that enable rapid population management, measurement, and engagement.  These applications were built to easily identify opportunities, measure performance towards objectives, and engage providers, care coordinators, and patients where necessary. Designed for off-the-shelf use, these applications are built to run on standard web browsers and utilize industry standard user interfaces and security mechanisms within a healthcare compliant framework supporting a self-service environment.

   EPM: Explore provides sub-second ad-hoc search across populations, providers, and care venues.

EPM: Measure is an integrated application and framework for constructing and viewing key performance metrics across providers, groups, care venues, and locations.  It provides the ability to “drill down” into patient lists, as well as detailed patient historical data.


 EPM: Registry is an integrated framework for listing patients according to flexible provider attribution models and sophisticated filters. It allows you to quickly identify your target population and view data that empowers decision-making and risk stratified care management.


EPM: Engage is an integrated application and framework for coordinating rules-driven registries, prioritized patient and provider outreach, and messaging.

Implementation Services + Healthcare’s Best Data Scientists
Explorys has the healthcare informatics "know-how” to help you leverage your BIG DATA and shape your metrics and clinical workflow in sustainable programs for your providers, care coordinators, and performance management leadership.  This enables you to fast track your pay-for-performance and utilization optimization goals.   




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